The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Fashion Jewelry

Traveling with jewelry does not have to be nerve-wracking. Jewelry can really jazz up an outfit and be helpful when switching from day to evening attire during business and leisure trips. This becomes a necessity when traveling. 

You can never be too careful while traveling with jewelry so taking the proper precautions before you travel will make your trip that much better. With these simple tips, we’ll give you the peace of mind to travel with your jewelry safely.


The general rule of thumb is to keep anything special or sentimental at home. You should leave things you are afraid to lose at home also.

Keep It Simple

We suggest bringing one to two simple staple pieces that can be used among all your outfits and a few of your favorite staple pieces to jazz up your outfits. The more jewelry you bring, the more chances you have to lose or break them.

Don’t Be Too Flashy

Be discrete about the jewelry you pack. It’s best to avoid flashy, expensive jewelry (especially wedding rings). People who wear flashy and expensive jewelry or wedding rings are more of a target for pickpocketing and theft. Stick with simple, non-flashy jewelry.

Secure Your Jewelry

​Wear earring backs on your earrings to avoid them falling off your ears and you losing your favorite accessories. This “earring back rule” applies wherever you go. Bring extra earing backs because they are easy to lose, and you can’t go wrong with extra. Ensure bracelets and necklaces are clipped and closed to avoid tangling. 


To Check or Not to Check-In

This is for the SLJ travelers who love to cruise on the seas or travel by air to get to their final destination. We suggest traveling with your jewelry by wearing it, packing it in your purse, or carrying it on in padded jewelry containers

Never put your jewelry in the front pocket of your carry-on or in a checked bag or your jewelry might get crushed. Always make sure your jewelry is padded on all sides to avoid broken jewelry.

Avoid putting your jewelry in checked baggage because it is easier for your jewelry to get stolen, lost, or damaged. It is safer to know where your jewelry is at all times.

Security Check

Yes, you can wear most of your jewelry through airport security. Make sure not to have metals on that will ring and safely remove before going through check in. 

The TSA recommends you keep your jewelry on as long as it isn’t big and bulky. If you do have to take your jewelry off, find a safe place in your purse or carry-on so your jewelry doesn’t get lost or stolen. 

Plan ahead of time what travel jewelry you will wear!

Once You Reach Your Travel Destination

When you get to your destination put your jewelry in a safe to keep it protected and always put it back where it belongs after wearing it. If you leave your jewelry lying around, it is easier to lose or forget it.

We hope these tips helped bring peace of mind to travel with your jewelry safely. It’s not hard to travel with jewelry, it just takes a little more preparation.

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Did you find these tips helpful? What has your experience been traveling with jewelry? Leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear about your experience.