10 Tips to Care for Your Fashion Jewelry


Do you love your jewelry just as much as your clothes? If you do then it’s important to care for your fashion jewelry, including Sasha L Jewels (SLJ) accessories in order to maintain a longer jewelry life.

SLJ jewelry is nickel and lead base free and hypo-allergenic. This means a longer life on our fashion jewelry. If you follow these tips to store and handle your fashion jewelry, you will extend the life of your gorgeous artisan handmade jewelry for years to come! 

Here are our Top 10 Tips on Jewelry Care for SLJ Fashion Jewelry:

  1. Travel Smart

Be smart when traveling with your jewelry to keep it safe and secure. We suggest leaving costly expensive jewelry at home when traveling. Instead travel with lightweight fashion jewelry that you can match with your travel attire and easily site see when exploring the world.

You can wear your jewelry to travel but we always suggest that you wear earring backs on your earrings to avoid them falling off your body and you lose your favorite accessories. This “earring back rule” applies wherever you go.

Be sure to pack your jewelry whether traveling by air or sea by packing it in your purse or carry-on. Utilize padded jewelry containers or plastic ziplock bags if you don’t have jewelry bags. 

Avoid packing jewelry in the front pocket of your carry-on or in a checked bag to avoid your jewelry getting crushed, damaged, lost, or stolen. Jewelry is a high theft item during travel. It is safer to know where your jewelry is at all times and to have it near you during your travels.

Once you reach your final destination, store your jewelry in the hotel safe, and be sure to package it in your storage bag.   

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  1. Stay Dry

Water can damage fashion jewelry.  Chemicals that may be in water (such as chlorine and saltwater) may tarnish your jewelry.  Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, or any activity where you may sweat a lot. If you forget, don’t worry. Just take it off as soon as you remember and dry it off with a gentle cloth and set it out to dry. 

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  1. Remove Jewelry Before Bedtime

To avoid hurting yourself while sleeping, take your jewelry off before bed or during daytime naps. The last thing you want to do is roll over and prick yourself or damage your jewelry when you are not awake.  

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  1.  Apply Lotion & Perfume Before Putting on Jewelry

You should avoid spraying or applying perfume, cologne, or any type of cream while wearing fashion jewelry. Spraying or applying abrasive chemicals can damage jewelry. To be on the safe side, put your lotion or perfume on beforehand. Most importantly, spray away from jewelry, not directly on it. 

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  1. Remove Jewelry Before Exercising or Doing Household Chores

You should avoid wearing jewelry while exercising because your sweat can cause a chemical reaction with your jewelry and damage it. This will keep you safe if running or using exercise machinery, helping to avoid any accidents. The best solution is to store your jewelry either in a plastic ziplock bag in your purse or gym locker when you are not home.

You should also avoid wearing your fashion jewelry while doing household cleaning or gardening.

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  1. Store Your Jewelry Properly

Avoid throwing your loose jewelry in a drawer so it doesn’t get tangled, banged up, or broken.  We suggest using separate pouches in a drawer or in a jewelry box away from the damaging heat or sun. 

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  1. Avoid Exposure to Heat & Sun

Exposing fashion jewelry to direct sunlight can cause discoloration and dullness. The heat can warp certain metals if they get too hot. It’s best to avoid wearing your jewelry to the beach or on hot sunny days.

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  1. Clean Your Jewelry with a Polishing or Dry Cloth

You should not use a liquid cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, or personal jewelry steamer on your delicate fashion jewelry. These chemicals will cause damage and discoloration. Instead, gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth, or use a polishing cloth for metal designs.

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  1. Keep Jewelry from Young Children

Fashion jewelry should be kept away from young children due to the small components of jewelry. They could choke on the beads or break the jewelry by pulling on it too hard. Overall, the safety and protection of children wearing our products is at the sole discretion of a supervising guardian.

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  1.  Make Your Jewelry Last

You will save money by not having to replace your jewelry as often and not be distraught to lose your favorite accessories by following these tips. For more helpful tips on how to extend the life of your fashion jewelry, visit the SLJ Boutique Wear with Care

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Did you find these tips helpful? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

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5 Top Reasons to Purchase Hypoallergenic Nickel-Free Jewelry

“I can only wear real silver or gold.”

“I am allergic to fashion jewelry & break out in a rash.”

“Fashion jewelry is cheaply made.”

I’m sure either you have said or heard someone say this before. Sasha L Jewels is here to tell you that these are all myths. As a jewelry designer who has had sensitive skin their whole life, I can tell you that you can buy fashion jewelry without having an allergic reaction. 

To avoid allergies, buy only hypoallergenic, nickel-free jewelry such as the jewelry found at the SLJ Boutique. All SLJ jewelry is Nickel-Free, Lead Base Free and Hypoallergenic Free.


Hypoallergenic jewelry is designed to lessen the risk of an allergic reaction to materials found in your jewelry. The clinical term refers to jewelry materials. Most often, people experience rashes, swelling, redness, or itchiness (an allergic reaction) to some compound such as nickel or other metals found in the jewelry itself. Sometimes inexpensive, softer metals are combined with gold or silver within jewelry to make them stronger and more durable. But your body can react to this.


  1. Nickel-Free Hypoallergenic Jewelry Won’t Cause an Allergic Reaction

Hypoallergenic jewelry is compatible with the human body and is usually medical grade. The jewelry metal is higher-grade and can be used for body jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, you name it! 

Medical grade metal hypoallergenic jewelry should be nickel-free to avoid any skin reactions.

Investing in quality nickel-free jewelry and earrings enhances your look & style and ability to mix n match more accessories with your wardrobe. You avoid having to 

  1. Comfort

How many times have you suddenly taken off a pair of earrings because you were getting a flare-up along your neck or ears? Low-quality earrings can cause allergic symptoms that can take days to heal. Hypoallergenic jewelry is comfortable for all-day use, day to evening, and you don’t have to worry about throwing out or not being able to wear your jewelry.

  1. Style & Versatility

High-quality hypoallergenic fashion jewelry can make you look fabulous. You have more versatile collections and styles to choose from and mix n’ match with your other accessories and wardrobe. You can wear them all seasons with strong durability and less resistance to tarnishing. You look and feel great with no rashes or irritation to go with your look.

  1.  More Bang for Your Buck: Hypoallergenic Jewelry Lasts 

Quality nickel-free hypoallergenic jewelry doesn’t need to break the bank. You can invest in quality jewelry that enhances your sense of expression and buy a jewelry design you really love. Buying quality fashion jewelry also ensures longer durability if properly cared for. You can find affordable hypo-allergenic jewelry easily. It is less costly and more affordability affords for more jewelry options in your personal jewelry collection!

Beware of the $1 or cheap jewelry shops- if the jewelry is this inexpensive, most likely they are not hypoallergenic or nickel-free.

  1. It Makes You a Smarter Jewelry Buyer

Knowing the jewelry products you are putting on your body makes you an empowered jewelry shopper. Do a little research and pay attention to sensitive reactions your body may have to certain jewelry or brands. Ask questions to sales associates and read labels and jewelry product descriptions. It can take years to develop an allergy to low-quality metals. 


SLJ is highly selective in choosing jewelry materials to design handmade jewelry pieces. To learn more about our Jewelry or add quality Hypoallergenic Nickel-Free Lead base free fashion jewelry to your personal jewelry collection or that special someone, visit the SLJ Boutique today!

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below – we would love to hear from you.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Fashion Jewelry

Traveling with jewelry does not have to be nerve-wracking. Jewelry can really jazz up an outfit and be helpful when switching from day to evening attire during business and leisure trips. This becomes a necessity when traveling. 

You can never be too careful while traveling with jewelry so taking the proper precautions before you travel will make your trip that much better. With these simple tips, we’ll give you the peace of mind to travel with your jewelry safely.


The general rule of thumb is to keep anything special or sentimental at home. You should leave things you are afraid to lose at home also.

Keep It Simple

We suggest bringing one to two simple staple pieces that can be used among all your outfits and a few of your favorite staple pieces to jazz up your outfits. The more jewelry you bring, the more chances you have to lose or break them.

Don’t Be Too Flashy

Be discrete about the jewelry you pack. It’s best to avoid flashy, expensive jewelry (especially wedding rings). People who wear flashy and expensive jewelry or wedding rings are more of a target for pickpocketing and theft. Stick with simple, non-flashy jewelry.

Secure Your Jewelry

​Wear earring backs on your earrings to avoid them falling off your ears and you losing your favorite accessories. This “earring back rule” applies wherever you go. Bring extra earing backs because they are easy to lose, and you can’t go wrong with extra. Ensure bracelets and necklaces are clipped and closed to avoid tangling. 


To Check or Not to Check-In

This is for the SLJ travelers who love to cruise on the seas or travel by air to get to their final destination. We suggest traveling with your jewelry by wearing it, packing it in your purse, or carrying it on in padded jewelry containers

Never put your jewelry in the front pocket of your carry-on or in a checked bag or your jewelry might get crushed. Always make sure your jewelry is padded on all sides to avoid broken jewelry.

Avoid putting your jewelry in checked baggage because it is easier for your jewelry to get stolen, lost, or damaged. It is safer to know where your jewelry is at all times.

Security Check

Yes, you can wear most of your jewelry through airport security. Make sure not to have metals on that will ring and safely remove before going through check in. 

The TSA recommends you keep your jewelry on as long as it isn’t big and bulky. If you do have to take your jewelry off, find a safe place in your purse or carry-on so your jewelry doesn’t get lost or stolen. 

Plan ahead of time what travel jewelry you will wear!

Once You Reach Your Travel Destination

When you get to your destination put your jewelry in a safe to keep it protected and always put it back where it belongs after wearing it. If you leave your jewelry lying around, it is easier to lose or forget it.

We hope these tips helped bring peace of mind to travel with your jewelry safely. It’s not hard to travel with jewelry, it just takes a little more preparation.

If you’re looking for some gorgeous statement pieces check out selected pieces for travel at the SLJ Resort Collection.

Visit our shop now for Exclusive Jewelry Bundle Sales and Jewelry You Can wear all year round around the world. 

Did you find these tips helpful? What has your experience been traveling with jewelry? Leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear about your experience.

New Worldwide SLJ Spring Jewelry Accessories

Springtime is a time for renewal, rebirth, and fabulous handmade jewelry sales!  It’s also a time for many exciting events in our lives such as spiritual renewal, prom, graduation, weddings, bridal and Mother’s Day. Sasha L Jewels (SLJ) is excited to enter the new season and warmer weather with new handmade fashion accessories.

SLJ has introduced some new jewelry to the SLJ Collection and we are excited to announce the new Sasha L Jewels Pearl Collection.

SLJ jewelry designer, Sasha L, decided to bring back the pearl collection due to special requests from clients. “Pearls are timeless and have been a staple in all cultures for many centuries.” SLJ Pearls can be worn as a statement jewel, by all ages. In current society, pearls are worn with casual, professional, church and evening attire. They are a perfect gift that can be worn year round for all seasons.

The Sasha L Jewels Pearl Collection offers class, elegance, simplicity and a spectrum of light and dark colors to embrace a variety of fashionable taste. Sasha L integrates Swarovski, crystal and glass accents that will make any lady feel royal and exquisite.

Pearls That Can Be Worn Around the World

Feeling pretty in pink but not sure what to wear? The Champagne Crystal Pearls are going to be your new best friend that can be worn with a variety of outfits from work to Sunday service! With these pearls, you will feel chic and stylish. Style your outfit with stacked Champagne Crystal Pearl Bangles that have a sparkle of Swarovski crystals, a new look and style. You will feel like the boss lady that you are!

A new season calls for new pearls and a new attitude. It’s also the time to go travel to new places and meet new people. De-stressing is much needed whether you’ve been working or studying too much.

The Soft Pink Crystal Pearl Set will have you feeling pristine. Style a striped or printed dress with the Soft Pink Crystal Pearl Set, it gives you a polished and a relaxed appearance. Wear your hair down to flow freely. There’s always a chance to reinvent yourself during this season.


SLJ has fresh spring gift ideas from our spring jewelry box that can be shipped and beautifully packaged directly to you or that special someone’s door.  We have SLJ Gift Certificates that make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our new collection of pearls gives a modern twist on a classic jewelry favorite while maintaining a luxurious appearance. They are a great addition to your outfits, especially for events such as bridal parties, weddings, baby showers and prom.

Prom is a night to enjoy with friends as they dance their way into young adulthood. You want to make a statement and be the woman no one will forget! Be the queen you are with a beautiful long golden dress and pair it with the Sunset Kisses Pearl Set! Wear your invisible crown and make it a night to remember! Or gift this jewel to a special graduate.

One of the largest milestones in someone’s life is graduation. It’ll be one of the greatest moments in their lives. If you have a graduate in your life, give them an accessory they can wear as they enter the next stage of their life. Discover new jewelry in our collection. The Ribbon Glass Pendant Chokers are fun, stress fee styles that can be worn by all ages.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day! Moms love to wear accessories while multitasking. The Fashion Crystal Pearl Choker Set is a beautiful beige color so it can pair perfectly with any outfit color you desire! This pearl set is great for casual wear and semi-casual occasions.


Flowers love to bloom in the Springtime. They are graceful, delicate and have the potential to grow.  It can remind us that we can start our life at any time. The Lotus Earrings symbolize renewal, growth, and endurance. These silver earrings are trendy, simple and a classic. If you want a meaningful look, you can style this with a  90’s trend bucket hat, a striped cardigan and a petite bag.

Lotus Earrings 1

Visit the SLJ Boutique for our great sales and unique gifting this spring. Wishing you an incredible new and safe season!

Stay Inspired
Stay Authentic & True
Express Yourself

~Sasha L Jewels

Tips- Curating Fashion Jewelry for All Seasons

Fashion is a passion. Style is all about how you curate it to become your own. It’s also how others will remember you. Putting an outfit together and accessorizing with jewelry can be a blast, especially when styling to stand out from the crowd, own your individuality, and exude confidence and self-expression. Invest in good quality fashion jewelry that will last a long time and can be mixed with different outfits and worn throughout different seasons.

Fashion is an extension of how we want to present ourselves to the world. Your fashion jewelry style is undoubtedly tied to how you live your daily life. 

Students are prone to have a more casual style for studying, classes, meetings and nightlife. Professionals, however, may wear statement earrings to match their wardrobe and switch from the workday to evening or night events. Regardless of your lifestyle, your jewelry can be versatile enough to match all different occasions and seasons

Two Different Women, Two Different Lifestyles 

Sasha L Jewels Boutique collections are a perfect jewelry choice no matter your lifestyle. 

For example, the Gold Leaves Design Earrings are definitely a statement piece. These earrings appear very “Fall-esque” to wear in the autumn season. As a fashionista, we dare you to become more creative and curate your outfits for year round fashion! Our jewelry is perfect for all occasions and for anytime of the day. 

3Cream Simple Fashion General NewsletterChau, a former student and recent college graduate is now entering the professional world. She likes to keep her fashion fresh with a mix of student professional look. She matched these earrings with an orange turtleneck, a plaid jacket, some jeans and biker boots to maintain a mix of casual and professional. She chose these bold solid color earrings to pair with a busier patterned design outfit. She selected these earrings from the SLJ Boutique because of its versatility. She can wear them anywhere from coffee shops to grocery shopping, running errands, hanging out with friends and business meetings. These earrings added a pop of style to her wardrobe.

For spring or fall seasons, accessorize with a plain shirt, jeans/white pants/joggers, a pair of sneakers or boots and a bag/purse and you’re ready for the day! Add a leather jacket for an edgy look If you’re going out with your friends for the night. For a more fun and flirty option, add a cape jacket with a plain shirt, jeans, heels and a purse instead of a leather jacket. It’s perfect for a night out. 

Alternatively, during the warmer months, match these earrings with a nice white shirt, a blazer of your choice and dress pants. You may accessorize SLJ earrings with a dress of your choice. If you’re feeling fun and fierce, match earrings with a striped pattern loose blouse and some leggings. Tatiana is a professional and enjoys going out with friends on the town. She paired the high-low black and white striped dress with black pants/leggings and black high heels. Accessorize the outfit with white or black high heels or flats.

5Cream Simple Fashion General Newsletter

Fashion is how you style it. There are no limits or rules when it comes to the SLJ Tribe.  Have fun with your fashion jewelry. You may buy the fashion, but style is what you do with it. 

Join the SLJ Tribe by following our blog and signing up for our SLJ Newsletter and Sales. Enjoy 10% off your first order!

Sasha L Jewels embraces and represents all women of different ages, lifestyles and celebrates diversity in fashion! Visit the SLJ boutique for different styles of jewelry that can be worn all year round. Jewelry consultations available.


8Cream Simple Fashion General Newsletter





A Magical Season for Handmade Jewelry Gifts

Season Greetings from the SLJ Family!

This season we have a blast of colors and fashionable styles as the holiday countdown continues. In need of stocking stuffers or gift ideas for a special lady?  No worries, we have fashionable, simple bold jewelry solutions. Like ornaments to your ears & embellishments to your neckline, Sasha L Jewels offers handmade accessories that can be worn year round, any season. Our collections encompass day to evening jewelry with various styles from urban to island natural styles. Browse the SLJ Boutique or SLJ Catalogs to find a style that you love. Feel free to contact us for a personalized jewelry consultation if you need assistance finding your jewelry.

Gift Certificates are now available. Enjoy 15% + Free Shipping on qualifying orders now until 12/21/18. Visit our website today for the special code.  Happy Holidays!


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Caribbean Flavor at One Love Fest

On August 18, 2018, Legends Event Production hosted its first One Love Fest: Caribbean Music Festival at Military Park in Newark, NJ. The annual music festival aims to promote the Caribbean Culture in New Jersey. Sasha L Jewels was honored to be a part of the spectacular festival.

Caribbean culture has a unique heritage especially with its music, dance, food, and art. Various vendors, artists, designers, cooks, handmade designers and other entrepreneurs came to celebrate their heritage and inspiration. It was a celebration of diversity in community, not of just the Caribbean. It was a blast to see so many people come out to celebrate in our home state. Caribbean history has an endearing story of perseverance and culture and it is nice to share our culture and art with the local community.

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The event was also a fundraiser for ADDO, which is a non-profit organization that aims to focus on the education and living needs of the poor in several communities around Dory, Haiti. Recently ADDO has also started to explore support opportunities for Haitian refugees in South Florida. The goal is to give hope and create a community where all people can lead free and dignified lives.

SLJ is honored to be part of the action and collaboration. This festival aligns with our brands vision, artistry and community involvement. We had diverse clients (both men and women) shopping at our booth, further solidifying Sasha L Jewels diversity in fashion. Sasha L Jewels chic, fresh, eclectic styles transcends gender and ethnicity and embraces all people. The SLJ Heritage Pride Collection was a hit with so many Caribbean, Latin and African nations represented in earring jewelry designs.

Special thanks to all my SLJ family and friends who came out to support and help make the event a success.


Stay Inspired
Stay Authentic & True
Express Yourself

~Sasha L Jewels