Tips- Curating Fashion Jewelry for All Seasons

Fashion is a passion. Style is all about how you curate it to become your own. It’s also how others will remember you. Putting an outfit together and accessorizing with jewelry can be a blast, especially when styling to stand out from the crowd, own your individuality, and exude confidence and self-expression. Invest in good quality fashion jewelry that will last a long time and can be mixed with different outfits and worn throughout different seasons.

Fashion is an extension of how we want to present ourselves to the world. Your fashion jewelry style is undoubtedly tied to how you live your daily life. 

Students are prone to have a more casual style for studying, classes, meetings and nightlife. Professionals, however, may wear statement earrings to match their wardrobe and switch from the workday to evening or night events. Regardless of your lifestyle, your jewelry can be versatile enough to match all different occasions and seasons

Two Different Women, Two Different Lifestyles 

Sasha L Jewels Boutique collections are a perfect jewelry choice no matter your lifestyle. 

For example, the Gold Leaves Design Earrings are definitely a statement piece. These earrings appear very “Fall-esque” to wear in the autumn season. As a fashionista, we dare you to become more creative and curate your outfits for year round fashion! Our jewelry is perfect for all occasions and for anytime of the day. 

3Cream Simple Fashion General NewsletterChau, a former student and recent college graduate is now entering the professional world. She likes to keep her fashion fresh with a mix of student professional look. She matched these earrings with an orange turtleneck, a plaid jacket, some jeans and biker boots to maintain a mix of casual and professional. She chose these bold solid color earrings to pair with a busier patterned design outfit. She selected these earrings from the SLJ Boutique because of its versatility. She can wear them anywhere from coffee shops to grocery shopping, running errands, hanging out with friends and business meetings. These earrings added a pop of style to her wardrobe.

For spring or fall seasons, accessorize with a plain shirt, jeans/white pants/joggers, a pair of sneakers or boots and a bag/purse and you’re ready for the day! Add a leather jacket for an edgy look If you’re going out with your friends for the night. For a more fun and flirty option, add a cape jacket with a plain shirt, jeans, heels and a purse instead of a leather jacket. It’s perfect for a night out. 

Alternatively, during the warmer months, match these earrings with a nice white shirt, a blazer of your choice and dress pants. You may accessorize SLJ earrings with a dress of your choice. If you’re feeling fun and fierce, match earrings with a striped pattern loose blouse and some leggings. Tatiana is a professional and enjoys going out with friends on the town. She paired the high-low black and white striped dress with black pants/leggings and black high heels. Accessorize the outfit with white or black high heels or flats.

5Cream Simple Fashion General Newsletter

Fashion is how you style it. There are no limits or rules when it comes to the SLJ Tribe.  Have fun with your fashion jewelry. You may buy the fashion, but style is what you do with it. 

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Sasha L Jewels embraces and represents all women of different ages, lifestyles and celebrates diversity in fashion! Visit the SLJ boutique for different styles of jewelry that can be worn all year round. Jewelry consultations available.


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  1. These are fantastic tips. Thank you! Particularly enjoyed reading the section about Chau and her style – very stylist

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